Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files containing text that are stored on your computer or mobile phone and they allow websites and applications to remember your preferences. For similar functions, other methods, like for example web storage and identifiers (that are linked to your device) may also be used. This page and policy will use the term “cookie” to inform you about these technologies.

If you wish to find out more about how we gather and use information about you specifically, please consult our Privacy Policy. The page you are currently on talks about how we utilize cookies and your choices regarding them.

Our usage of cookies

Like most other online service providers, we utilize cookie technology for various reasons. These include protecting your information and access to your account. Cookies also assist us with tasks like analyzing the most popular features on our site, counting visitors and improving our general user experience by making our website more effective and easy to use. Cookies are normally divided into these categories:

Category of Cookies

  • Preferences

This kind of cookies allows us to remember your settings and preferences.

For example, these cookies will let us remember which language you use when browsing our site.

  • Security

This kind of cookies enables us to locate and eliminate security risks.

For example, these cookies will save your session information and will disallow other users from altering your password without your own username and password.

  • Performance

This kind of cookies will gather data on how you use our services and assist us in improving them.

For example, we may use these cookies to figure out if you have browsed a specific page.

  • Analytics

This kind of cookies allows us to improve our services.

For example, these cookies will tell us which features our users interact with the most and which ones need to be overhauled.

  • Advertising

This kind of cookies is used to deliver ads to consumers that are meaningful and relevant to them specifically. Moreover, these cookies allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns on our services as well as other websites or mobile apps.

  • Your Choices

Your browser or device may enable you to block or try to prevent the use of cookies. Since cookies are an integral part of our services, however, removing, blocking or restricting their use may have adverse effects on the use and availability of our services.

  • Browser Cookies

Your browser may allow you to deny some or all browser cookies. You may even have the ability to remove cookies from your browser. Please follow your browser’s instructions if you would like more information regarding the management of browser cookies.

  • Mobile Device Identifiers

Your mobile device’s operating system may allow you to disable certain device identifiers that are used for interest-based advertising. You should read the documentation provided by the device’s manufacturing company; this kind of information can be typically found in the settings menu of your mobile device.