Terms and Conditions

1. Who are we and what do we do?

YourPetUtopia is dedicated to delivering the quality products to our customers in a very efficient, easy, discrete and affordable manner. As a company, we do our best to fulfill the demands and satisfy the maximum number of customers by delivering our good high-quality products.

If you are a member of YourPetUtopia then you are eligible to get many credits that can use for buying the everyday items in bulk from our YourPetUtopia shops. The amount of received credits by you is the same amount of membership cost. It is based on the EURO currency. Here 1 EURO is equal to 10 credits.

You can find a huge variety of products on YourPetUtopia. All products offered by us are very affordable and always includes shipment and packaging.

In order to keep everything as simple as possible, you will only need to enter the details of your credit card once. After that a small membership fee will be deducted every month from your chosen billing method. It will then automatically convert into credits, so you can buy items using them in our shop.

Contact details:

Office in the United Kingdom:

8 Woodfield Rd,
L39 4SR,
United Kingdom

We respect your privacy and are committed to secure and protect your personal information. Thereafter, we will explain our motives to collect your private information from you or that you will provide us.

Under the section 4, the personal data, you can find the complete details about how we specifically treat your personal information.

In order to ensure that you learn and understand our practices and views related to your personal information and order at YourPetUtopia. You should carefully read the full text on the protection and collection of personal information page.

Please keep in mind that if you don’t accept the term and conditions of YourPetUtopia, you can’t place orders or buy items on our shop.

2. Agreement and terms:

2.1. Acceptance of agreement and terms.

When you place an order, you admit that you are agree and have read agreement and conditions of the and It will be considered as an agreement between YourPetUtopia and you.

2.2. Terms of subscription

You can subscribe to subscription(on-going) upon ordering the demo period. You will receive credits every month in your account. You can use these credits to buy a wide range of our quality products on YourPetUtopia. Also, you will get free delivery on our products.

3. Ordering a subscription
3.1. Required consumer age

The minimum age to order or purchase the subscription with YourPetUtopia is 18 years.

3.2 Cost of subscription

A promotional campaign can be an offer, to the new subscribers YourPetUtopia. Generally, our introductory price ranges from 1.00 to 5.00 and Introductory time period can vary from 3 to 14 days. The monthly subscription fee is generally cost 45 and this money will be deducted from your credit card until you canceled or unsubscribe it.

Please keep in mind that the charges and price are subject to vary. If you do not agree with this change then you can unsubscribe your plan by sending an email to or in your self-service page.

After the signup, the cost of your monthly subscription which is generally 45, can be divided into the deduction of smaller amounts or it can be downgraded to different pricing model under the automatic service.

In case if this variation happens, the new subscription price will be visible on the receipt.

3.3. Payment by using your credit card

When you will place an order, the cost of the introductory period will be deducted and the new credit amount will be transferred to your account, automatically. Until, you actively cancel the subscription, the monthly charges will automatically deduct from your credit card.

If there is no money or credit available on your credit card the transaction will be delayed until you can make payment with your card.

The accepted credit cards are as following; Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and visa electron. Every billing detail will be shown as on your bank account statements.

When you sign up for a subscription, a confirmation email will be sent to your email. This email will show your orders and payments.

3.4 The timing of debiting of payments

Every payment will be deducted at the time of purchase or order. In case your order cannot be completed or we don’t have stock, then we will inform you and your transaction via credit or debit card will be canceled, so no money will deduct from your bank account.

You must pay all payments in full, only after then we will dispatch the orders.

3.5 Right of the withdrawal regarding your subscription

You have right of regret regarding your purchase or subscription of the introductory period only within 14 days. The subscribers can only cancel or withdraw their subscription if they have credit-card that doesn’t follows your purchase or subscription.

You have no right to cancel or withdrawal on the membership payments of your on-going monthly subscription because it is an on-going subscription. When you sign up to this introductory period, the trial period of 14 days initiates.

In order to cancel or withdraw the purchase, you must send us a detailed email to the following email address:, in which you must show the following details:

• The information about subscription: it helps us to find the correct subscription.

• A request for cancellation of your purchase.

3.6 Your subscription length

You can unsubscribe your plan at any time. As said earlier, your subscription will continue until you cancel your subscription actively.

3.7 Cancellation of subscription

You have to cancel your subscription at minimum 2 days prior to the next date of renewal. You may unsubscribe your plan through the YourPetUtopia website. The renewal date is stated on the letter of confirmation.

3.8 The Information about Subscription

On the YourPetUtopia website, you can find the details about your subscription. The login information is sent to your email which is linked to your subscription.

3.9 Information about personal information

It is very important for you to submit correct personal information, while you are registering for a subscription from the YourPetUtopia.

If there are any differences in the personal details, then it is necessary for you to update them on our site.

If your credit card is canceled, expired or you get a new credit card, your subscription will be canceled and you will not be able to make any purchase. You can tell us about these changes through telephone or email.

3.10 Newsletters

YourPetUtopia has rights to send the news and offer to you through YourPetUtopia or carefully chosen partners. You can cancel these newsletters at any time without paying any additional cost.

3.11 Welcome gifts & Promotional offers

The YourPetUtopia will often provide the special offers for temporary membership for a short period of time at a lower price.

This price is for the trial period and it is stated on the offer site or website. On signing up, you can get a welcome gift occasionally. The gift will be according to the particular campaign.

3.12 Participation in a competition via a promotional campaign

As a part of the promotional campaign, YourPetUtopia can offer competitions to its new subscribers. You will become the part of the draw automatically if you enter in the campaign. There are certain rules like minimal entry and closing dates, for each promotional campaign. Kindly, follow the terms and conditions given below which apply to every campaign.These terms and conditions are:

• The participants must be 18 years old or above.

• Proof of their age and identity is necessary.

• Any use of the fake address or name will lead to disqualification.

• Each entry must be submitted directly by the entrants.

All rights are reserved to the YourPetUtopia to change or amend the rules or competitions, whenever they want and cancel the participation of any entrants who are not participating with good intentions.

In any event or competition, the YourPetUtopia has right to change the prize with another prize of greater or equal value, in case that particular prize is unable at the time of announcement of the prize. Unless announced winner(s) of the prize will be chosen randomly from all the received correct entries by the last date discussed in the promotional material.

The confirmation of the winning will be sent to the winner(s) by written email. Any kind of changes and cancellation may happen during the competition.

4. Personal data

4.1. Personal Data Processing

Your card and personal data are handled under the regulations of privacy act. Your private information will not be shared with any third-party company. Please keep in mind that your credits will expire after 1 year.


5. Liability limitations

YourPetUtopia is bound to by the British law and no further responsibility are assumed by it. In any case of controversy or dispute, the parties will have to submit their disputes in relation with this agreement to the courts of the united kingdom’s non -exclusive jurisdiction.

Prіvаcу Роliсy

We treat your privacy with maximum seriousness because of its importance to us. Thus, we have created this policy so that you should understand the way we gather, use, relate, and release personal information. Here is an outline of our privacy policy.

Upon collecting personal data or even before that, we will indicate the reasons we are collecting such information.

We will gather personal data and use it only for the fulfillment of the purposes we specified as well as other purposes compatible to that very objective and according to the consent of the concerned individual or as required by law.

The personal information we collect will only be retained for a necessary time limit, pending a complete fulfillment of the purposes.

We will use only lawful and fair methods to collect personal information in the proper avenues and with the consent of the concerned individual.

Any personal information collected should have a relevant purpose regarding the purpose it is used for as well as the extent it is used for that purpose to be fulfilled, and that has to be accurate, complete and updated.

We will respect and protect personal data using realistic security safeguards to effectively counter theft, loss, unauthorized access, release, use, modification, or copying.

We will offer sufficient information to customers about all our policies and practices pertaining to the way we manage personal information.

We are dedicated to running our business according to these values to make sure we protect and maintain the confidentiality required of personal information.

As from May 25th, 2018, the following is application

YourPetUtopia (we, ours or us) controls your personal data and have the obligation to protect, safeguard and respect your privacy, your personal integrity as you shop for our products, services and browse our website. With this Privacy Policy, you will know the particular personal information we collect from you, the reason we collect it and the way we use it. This Privacy Policy will also assist you in explaining the way you should exercise your right if you have given us access to your personal information. We request that you read through the Privacy Policy keenly and get used to the content. In case there are questions you want to ask or inquiries to make, please contact us using the contact information right on this Privacy Policy page at the bottom.

What is the personal information we collect from you?

When you are on the page, you can sign up, take part, create your account, or use our services in some way. We collect personal information that is based on circumstances as well as the services you are using. However, it can be made up of the following:

The Personal information you are to provide us:

Name, phone number, e-mail, and address.
Payment information
User identification, login username, password, secret question, and secret answer.

Generated personal information of the user

References to your purchase, i.e., based on your reaction to ads and campaigns

IP address

We can as well collect information about you using our services via cookies and other related technologies.

Personal data received from third parties

We may add on the information we receive or gather from you with any other relevant information third parties provide us, based on your use of websites, products, services or offers other companies provide via our group; (“NMC”) SpA gnidloH krowteN MC. An example of this may be information third parties offer us as they provide payment solutions to us, which make payment possible when using our website for services.

Connecting your social media services to our service

You can decide to connect the account of your social media services to our services. For instance, your Twitter or Facebook account can be connected to the particular services we offer, and you can do so by simply creating an account on our services. When we both connect that way, we collect particular information about your social networking service to use for several purposes as we described under the section “What is the purpose of collecting your personal information?” The reason we collect that personal data is out of the necessity to perform services as per your request through your social media account.

Please be aware that this Privacy Policy is void provided you use your social media account features. Practically, when you interact with our features, know that they are governed by this our privacy policy as well as other policies that belong to the service providing companies.

What is the purpose of collecting your personal information?

Our purpose

We gather and process your personal data to do the following:

A) In order to facilitate our contractual relationship:

To deal with your account payment and to provide you information about your order and invoice

To keep a record of what you purchase to make sure that we deliver the services you deserve

To ensure communication with you regarding your account, subscription or our service payments

To render your information about the changes we make to our Services

To deliver the offers, information, products, or services which you request from us

B) For legitimate purposes:

To use for sharing your information when necessary with the companies that have CMN Group membership for administrative or business purposes so that you can get our services or products delivered to you

To apply on IP address usage or any other necessary information that can be used to protect our website by blocking any malicious connection or for the purpose of applying our Terms and Conditions

To deliver information in case there is a merger and acquisition procedure because such will be required for purposes of business management strategies.

To deliver offers to you and other essential services like news, products or services and information which we believe will perhaps interest you as well as premium quality advertising that is related to your line of business interests

For the sake of statistical and business analysis

To create, apply or secure legal requirements

C) For marketing purposes:

To deliver newsletters to you with your consent alongside other programs we offer like news, information regarding the services or other related products offered within the CMN community, which we trust may interest you. Understand that our newsletters are such that if you do not want to receive them any longer, you can freely unsubscribe to them and to do that you simply need to go to your account page and change the preferences.

D) We may need to process your personal information because we are required by law to conform to legal obligations or decisions from an authority.

The processing of your personal information is based on what legal basis regarding GDPR?

The processing of your personal data is necessary for the following purposes as described below:

Point (A): It is a requirement for concluding and fulfilling our obligations as per our agreement with you
Point (B): It is a requirement for the legitimate interests we have in the development, management, protection and marketing of the services we offer and also for a business and strategic perception;
Point (C): We will apply it only after receiving your consent approving such a treatment;
Point (D): It is a requirement necessary for complying with legal obligations.

Is providing your personal information mandatory?

The Personal Information we request to have from you, and that which we mark as mandatory in any form like this * symbol requires that we use it to deliver our Services for reasons that are legal, administrative, contractual, technical or related reasons. Nonetheless, certain personal information from you will only be required provided you use particular features, allow parts of the Service that are optional, or request to access specific resources, programs, promotions, offers, or related offers from either us or any of our affiliates. We will only gather personal data we have informed you about.

Who we disclose your personal information to?

Group transfers

For legitimate administrative and marketing purposes and with your consent, we may release your personal information to CMN group companies. To any CMN Group companies with access to your personal information who can only use your personal data in agreement with all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

The partners, sponsors, collaborators, and advertisers

We may have to release your personal data to our collaborators, partners, and sponsors if you take part in programs, surveys or competitions they are a party to. Also, even our advertiser for the same reasons may receive your personal information from us if you assent to our request to do so.

From the description herein, we may as well use aggregated information for monitoring the way our services are being used, which will help us improve and develop them further. In addition, we may provide third parties with such aggregated information, and they include content partners and advertisers. Aggregated information is not part of personal information and has no links with you.

Third parties charged with security or specific legitimate reasons

We may as well share your personal information with third parties if there is a reason to convince us that it is necessary to release such information:

As a requirement to conform with necessary legal obligations, that consist of court orders, applications, government requests, search warranties, or other requirements of the law;

To protect and defend our rights, property, customer safety, and employees’ protection;

To protect and defend our services against malicious, fraudulent, misuse, illegal subscription or use of our Services as well as safeguard our network, devices, and subscribers from such issues;

To project or defend our services and users in case of complaints, legal claims, investigations, administrative procedures and more;

To evaluate credit risk or use for payment processing for our products or Services;

As a component of merger and aggregation, given that the prospective buyer or seller accepts to respect, protect and process your personal data according to our Privacy Policy;

To external supervisors and auditors

Access to additional CMN sites

It requires an email address alongside a password to be able to log in to our service. You can also access it by logging in via a social media account. Once you are connected to YourPetUtopia or some other affiliated service within our CMN Group, you will have access to other community websites. To obtain services from such individual sites, you are bound to agree with their general terms and conditions, privacy, as well as cookie policy and they, may be different from ours. With your username and password, your subscription to any of our websites will be confirmed, including your identity upon looking into any of our sites. The information will not be released outside our CMN Group except otherwise described above in the section under” Who we disclose your personal information to.”

In which location do we process your personal data?

When we gather your personal information, we may transfer and store it at a location away from the European Economic Area (EEA), and this includes destinations that the decision of the European Commission on sufficient level protection for personal data processing does not cover. The data can be released to other CMN Group companies and employee that work for us or any of our suppliers located outside EEA to handle it. This may be the staff that fulfills your order, processes your payment information, and performs our support services. We follow all reasonable precautions to ensure safe processing of your personal information in agreement with this Privacy Policy. We ensure that these safeguards are protecting your personal information adequately. If you want details or copy of these very safeguards, use the contact information at the bottom end of this Privacy Policy to contact us.

How much time does your personal data take with us?

We can only store your personal information for the length of time we consider it to have a purpose as in the description above under the section, “What is the purpose of collecting your personal information?” Once the purpose is fulfilled, we will then delete or anonymize it in some instances. We do regular checks to see if we have personal information that should be removed. Considering that they are various purposes, we process your personal data, the periods we keep personal information vary.

Typically, the following deletion deadlines apply:

Data type What is it? Deletion deadline
Data of user User information is information about the way you use the support and which requests you create. Until that the account is deleted (or inside a 5 year interval).
Data from customer services Client support information is information which you supply when you’re in touch YourPetUtopia’s customer support and voice records made for educations functions. 3 year (telephone text and logs dialogs). 1 month (voice records).
Information of account Account info is information about your accounts, such as username, password, password and buy info created on the YourPetUtopia site. Until delеtіоn оf account
Transactional data Transaction data is info about trades made in your own account in relation to purchases made around the YourPetUtopia site. 10 years

The protection of personal information

To protect your personal information is of high importance to us. The personal information that is provided to us is kept in our secure serves and there are plenty of strict procedures used to protect it against the likes of abuse, change, disclosure, destruction, loss or unauthorized access of your personal information. All of the payment transactions are encrypted by industry-standard technology and it’s a subject to the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards.

There is no guarantee that our security measures can prevent any unauthorized attempts to access, disclose or use your personal information, although we work hard to protect it. But we can maintain safety as well as various incident plans such as plans that are used to handle any breach of data security. Any physical or technical incident is handled in a very quick fashion and limit and with an adverse effect.

The access of personal information

Sometimes you might want to include additional things to the personal information that was sent to us or update it. You might as well want to receive some additional information about what happened with the information sent to us and understandably so. Because of that, you are entitled to certain rights such as the right to access, correct or delete your personal information, the right to limit or protest against the processing or the rights to data portability or to lodge a complaint. Here are some details about these rights:

• Right to access your personal information

If you want to access or process any personal information, you have to be verified by us so that you can do any of these actions.

• Right to correct your personal information

If the data we own is no longer accurate, then you have the right to help us correct your personal information and make sure it is more accurate.

• Right to delete your personal information

This right is also known as the right to be entirely forgotten. There are many cases and circumstances when the personal information that you sent to us might have been processed illegally. You might’ve decided to withdraw your consent as well (as long as the processing of the personal information is based on your consent), and then you have the right to not only request but have the personal information deleted from us.

• Right to limit processing

If you contest about the accuracy of the personal information or object against the legitimate purpose to process it, then you have the right to request a limit processing. The limit processing can be done until there is a solution found.

• Right to protest against processing

There are some cases where you can also contest or protest against our legitimate interest in processing personal information. If that’s the case, then you have the right to objectyour personal information from being processed any further.

• Right to data portability

There are cases when the personal information could be processed automatically based on your consent. It could as well be performed by our contractual relationship. If that’s the case, then you have the right to request your personal information from us, in any machine-readable format for transition to any data controller.

• Right to lodge a complaint

If you are not happy or satisfied with the way we process your personal information then you have the right to lodge a complaint to your supervisory authority.

Privacy policy changes

Make sure that you always review the latest version of our policy because it could be amended every now and then. If there are any changes disclosed to the Privacy Policy, then we will surely provide you with a prominent message such as an email. You will be advised about any changes in the Privacy Policy that could very well affect your personal information. Any previous version of our Privacy Policy will be kept in an archive so that you can have the option to review it at any time.

Changes to this privacy policy

We amend our privacy policy periodically, and it is therefore vital to always check for new policy versions regularly. This is where we make you aware of any changes in the privacy policy. However, if the change is significant, we will also use other communication modes to update you. In this case, we will use prominent messages like email. At times, we can make privacy policy changes that affect how we make use of your personal information. This prompts us to inform you of the various choices you can have because of these changes. Despite the changes we make on our privacy policy, we always ensure that we maintain the previous versions of the policy to allow future review.


If you have any questions, comments or requests in regards to this Privacy Policy, we welcome all of them. Anything like that should be sent to the address to

We are subject to and bound by the General Regulation (EU) 20116/670 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on Data Protection (GDPR), Law No. 429 of 31 May 2000 on the processing of personal data (Personal Data Act) and Act No. 227 of 22 April 2002 on Information Society Services, including certain aspects of electronic commerce (the e-commerce Act).